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Google Ads Shopping Campaign Management

We work with major international e-commerce retailers to small local boutiques to unlock the full potential of Google Shopping Ads. Our strategic PPC approach helps our clients to transform Google shopping advertising from frustration into their unfair sales growth advantage.

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“The complexity of Google shopping campaign management has gone beyond our in-house capacity. Dgency overcomes this by combining growth marketing thinking with advanced machine learning to close the gap between where we are today – and where we want to be. They have helped us achieve low CPC clicks with higher buying intent for our 20,000+ product catalog. Now our Google shopping ROI is off the charts. We highly recommended Dgency!”

Brent Active | Marketing Manager

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Google Shopping Management Services

We help eCommerce business owners get their store and product info into Google and make it available to shoppers across Google networks. Our ROI-focused Google Shopping campaign management approach will ensure increase sales of your products while boosting your profitability.


Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads (formerly Google Product Listing Ads) is the best way to show your products to customers when they’re actively searching on Google. We enable brands to dominate Google Shopping Ads profitably while solving the common problems associated with this sophisticated shopping ad platform.

Our shopping campaign management and optimization service focuses on improving the profitability of your ad campaigns by using intelligent item ID bidding and thoughtful data analysis. We increase revenue by winning more cheaper clicks from high purchase intent customers, redistributing wasted ad spend from low intent search queries.


Strategy To Google Shopping Ads Campaign Management

Our industry-leading shopping ads strategy consistently drives a ton of high-value conversions while most Google Ads agencies have a “set it and forget it” attitude with their Google Ads Shopping campaigns. We believe you can do it better, and we’re here to show you that you absolutely can.

Business Understanding

While we bring the online advertising background and technical tools to the table, you know your strategy and uniqueness of your business in a whole lot better than any agency does. Our digital marketing team takes the time to understand what you do and how you make money. We’ll get to work by researching your industry policies, and come away with a different psychological understanding of your customers and how to portrait your business to them while they’re on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Shopping Feed Analysis

Every Google Ads shopping campaign relies on a product data feed that runs through Google Merchant Center before search engine shows any shopping ads. A properly structured and optimized product data feed is integral to the long term success of your shopping campaigns. We’ll manage and optimize product feed, connect your feed into third-party partners of ours who specialize exclusively in optimizing product data feeds of any quantity and complexity.

Google Analytics Integration

Google Ads provides a lot of data with regards to campaign performance, but the story is incomplete without a thorough understanding of how your site visitors are actually engaging with your site once they’ve clicked on a shopping ad. That’s why we make sure your Google Analytics tracking is set up accurately; so we can use that data to improve our optimizations and reporting of your shopping campaigns. Analytics also allows us to use Google Ads campaign data to create highly targeted remarketing audience lists.

Conversion Tracking

Ecommerce conversion tracking is complex with different checkout systems. Without proper conversion tracking setup, every optimization would be simply a best guess. We’ve vast experience working with custom websites and popular checkout systems alike, as well as eCommerce shops with longer sales cycles. Whatever you sell, we implement a system that tracks revenue back to specific ad click. We won’t start a single shopping campaign before we know that we’re tracking sales and revenue correctly.

Product Segmentation

Google shopping campaign doesn’t use keywords to trigger the ads. Google uses the information in product data feed to decide which search query to show an advertisement for. It’s required to setup the product data feed in a way that allows you to bid the right dollar amount for each search query. That’s exactly why we use specific product segmentation in your data feed – to allow us to bid higher on products more likely to sell and bid more conservatively on lower value items less likely to convert at a higher lifetime customer value.

Bidding & Budget

Eventually, what we bid for each search keyword determines whether or not we’ll get an ad impression and how much we’ll pay for a click. The heartbeat of your Google Shopping campaign success is strategic bidding. From product specific manual bidding to automated return on ad spend bidding, our team has the insights and strategies to scale the campaign. We are always looking for better ways to bring more high-quality traffic for less cost.

Ongoing Optimizations

Optimizing your shopping ads campaigns on an ongoing basis is the value our expert PPC team adds month over month. The data your campaigns generate is precious, and we use all of it to your competitive advantage. Our regular shopping campaign optimization includes product segmentation, data feed optimization, retargeting campaigns, and collaborating with clients to find new ideas to increase the sales volume.

Experienced Google Shopping Campaign Expert PPC Team

Our 100% dedicated team of Google Shopping Ads experts bring a combination of advanced & experienced strategies for your campaign development and optimization. While automation is beneficial for adding nuance to your PPC strategy, there’s nothing that replaces the thought and analysis real marketers bring to the very real money you’re spending on Google Ads every day.

You will love your ROI & growth, but you will like our people even more (well, maybe not).

Shopping Campaign Statistics

When we say we know Google Shopping Ads, we really mean it. Our numbers simply speak for themselves.

1+ Million








Services Included in Our Shopping Management

Here is just an insight look of what you can expect from us when you work with us. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more.

Conversion Tracking

We’ll setup conversion tracking on your website, or we’ll work with your developer to make sure the codes we send are setup properly.

If our team take over preexisting campaigns where conversion tracking has already been implemented, we’ll perform thorough audit to make sure sales and revenue are being tracked accurately.

In fact, we won’t launch a campaign before being 100% confident that the Google Ads campaign data we’re collecting reports conversions properly.

Transparent Reporting

You own your data. All of it.

Dgency team prepares regular reports to be delivered to your email on a schedule that works for you. We highlight all the key performance indicators (KPIs) important to your both short term and long term online advertising goals.

Regular Strategy Meetings

Your feedback is crucial to the long term digital marketing success of your business.

Your team and our team will communicate regularly to evaluate performance and to review our strategies and ideas for improving the campaigns.

Certainly, the lines of communication are always open, but we like to schedule these regular meetings to make sure not too much time goes by without our teams helping.

Leverage The Power of Remarketing

Google display and video remarketing is a powerful online advertising tool. It allows advertisers to show retargeting ads to previous website visitors when they’re browsing other websites like blogs, news sites, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Most of our clients see remarkable returns on their remarketing campaigns, bringing qualified traffic back to their website to complete the conversion action they want their previous site visitors to take.

Dgency team will install and customize all applicable remarketing and retargeting tags, as well as handle the remarketing audience creation and segmentation.

Our Shopping Campaign Management Tech

The software we use to help our client’s Google Shopping ads campaigns outperform the competition.

“Our 3D Printing Supplies company is really impressed with Dgency. We just moved our Google AdWords account from another PPC agency that was providing OK results on Google shopping, Search and Remarketing campaigns. I am amazed at fast they learned who our customer is and what customers are looking for our 3D printing machine. The first month they surpassed our goal and continually are broaching new ideas to gain more sales. Dgency is really awesome. They are the best Google Shopping and Google AdWords agency around! We are very happy with them!

Wallace West | Owner

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