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Content Marketing That Attracts & Engages Customers

Expert content marketing services and strategy, powered by a high-impact marketing team. We create content that ranks higher in search engines and gets more website visitors. Our content optimization strategy generates more leads / sales. We focus heavily on content promotion to get more attention and conversions from your target market.

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“Dgency is an excellent and experienced marketing agency to work with. Our management is highly impressed because of their genuine desire to learn about our company, attention to details, competitor analysis, ROI calculation, conversion-centric campaign strategy for ultimate growth. I would highly recommend this company.”

Umma Salma | Executive Director, Mayfair

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Content Marketing Services

Our content marketing strategy is SEO-focused and customer intent specific. We do website and advertisement copywriting, design, optimization, promotion, backlinks – complete content marketing services under one roof.


Content Marketing Strategy & Service

Well thought out content is the backbone of every successful website. Getting visitors on your website is hard work. You’ve got to plan a strategy, create content, and then promote the content. We create content that serves user intent and inspires conversion.

We’ve a super talented marketing team, a diverse group of content writers. They’ve all got years of experience writing and promoting content for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We hire writers that have majored in different disciplines – business graduates, liberal arts majors, computer science graduates, medical professionals, and even engineers!

Our content creation and promotion strategy will help you get higher Google rankings, more traffics, and backlinks that drive significant business growth.


Our Content Creation and Promotion Process

While one tactic may have worked well for one business, it will not work for yours. So what will work? The answer is a comprehensive content creation and promotion process.

Full Funnel Analysis

For an ice-cold prospect to become a customer, they will need to progress through three stages – Awareness, Evaluation, Conversion.


Our content marketing starts with helping prospects become aware that there is a problem and our client has a solution for it. At this stage, our content marketing goal is to create engaging top of the funnel content.


Once the prospects become problem aware, they start evaluating the various choices available to them. At this stage, our goal is to create content that answers all buying questions and solve objections.


Prospects that go through the awareness and evaluation stages are now at the moment of truth – purchase. At this stage, our content marketing goal is to convert prospects into paying customers and get referrals.


At this stage, any content we plan to create should help our clients gain a specific business goal, like traffic, sales, leads, or thought leadership.

Know Your Goal

Content should never be produced aimlessly. We make sure every content must have a specific business objective. At this stage, our writers will define writing style, tone, problems, solutions – set the goal.

Topic Choice

Our strategic marketing team will pick up the topic your audience is already interested in. A good topic will help you achieve your specific business goal. We use keyword research tools to find the right ideas.


Our comprehensive market research helps us develop topic ideas and find data and evidence that support whatever claims we make in your content. At this point, we find the topic that we’re going to write about.


We always invest massive time in pre-writing work, believe it or not, that makes our content writing part very easy.

Content Writing

Once we do the hard work of planning your content, we start writing on Google doc. We begin with one topic, jump to next, and write entire content according to the buyer journey – Awareness, Evaluation, Conversion.

Content Rewriting & Editing

Once we draft your content, we read over it to be sure we’ve said what we meant to say. We make sure our content writing is logically and clearly presented. Finally, we smooth out our writing, so it leads readers from the first to the very last word of your content.


At this stage, your content is ready to go. It’s time to think about the pictures, gifs, and videos we can use to add another layer of value and support.

Add Multimedia

We try to find any section where something is hard to understand with words alone. We take this challenge as an opportunity and solve this using a screenshot or video that illustrates our point.


We do one final revision to make sure your content is optimized for readers, search engines, and your business goal. We optimize your content and add internal links to make it SEO friendly.


Content promotion is the step where most businesses fail at content marketing. They either think their job is over when they’ve created it or they put it on their social media channels and wait for visitors and conversions. Heads up: unless you’re uncommonly lucky, you probably won’t.
We promote your content using organic SEO, Social Media, Google Ads, Paid Social, Remarketing Ads and many more ways – Our content promotion strategy depends on your industry, budget, and business goal.

Including WIth Content Marketing Service

As you already know, our approach to content marketing begins with understanding your target market.

Once we’ve created customer avatar based on your market segment, we focus our attention on picking the right topics based on search volume, customer intent, and brand alignment.

We Study The Market

We Study The Buyer

We Address The Funnel

We Implement Strategy

We Write and Design

We Analyze Performance

“The Digital Marketing team at Dgency is exactly what I have been looking for. They use quick, effective and professional way to find highly targeted web traffic. These guys have made the process very simple and profitable for us. Just what I needed! We are enjoying working with them. Highly recommended!”

Steve | Private Texas, CEO

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