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This is What Dgency Stand For

We believe the values instilled in our in-house team are what make our company more than just a marketing agency. Our values determine who we’re and the way we work together with our clients.

Respect For Our Clients

Managing someone else’s marketing budget is an enormous responsibility. Whether the client is a small company or a large enterprise, the performance of the advertising campaigns we run for our clients affects others’ livelihoods. We manage your online marketing budget as if they were our own because after all, businesses don’t pay our bills and businesses don’t pay for our salaries… people do.

Respect For Each Other

Our Dgency team is a diverse group from different ethnic and religious backgrounds. We all think about things uniquely, and our life views vary across the full spectrum of faiths and principles. But in our culture of open-mindedness and respect for our individuality, those differences actually serve to foster closeness and camaraderie. A healthy work environment begins with honor, and our culture is a covenant to everyone sharing that perspective.


When we manage online advertising campaigns for our clients, there’s no marketing data that we’ve access to that our clients don’t. From Google Ads account access to daily reporting and billing, every dollar is accounted for, every optimization logged, and every data point shared. We own up to our mistakes and we make it very clear to our clients that they can ask us anything and get an honest response.


We’re an advertising agency with digital marketing and data analysis expertise, but you know your business better than any marketing agency out there. Our experience working with hundreds of clients has taught us that the more we collaborate and engage our clients in our strategic planning, the better the campaigns will perform ultimately.

Never Stop Learning

We work in an incredibly dynamic, ever-changing industry. The advertising networks we use are changing and growing on a regular basis, and if we don’t take time to stay on top of new innovations and successful strategies, our client campaigns will hurt. That’s why we put a great deal of time and effort to be on the forefront of new products, features and strategies that we can put to work to profit our clients.

Compete Against Yourself (only)

Our work setting inspires our team members to deliver the highest quality work for our clients. Great work and effort can be a healthy byproduct of intrinsic motivation and a genuine desire to exceed your previous benchmarks. No one should ever be pinned against a co-worker, measured up to a colleague, or be made to feel that they’re not as valuable as anyone else.

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    Dgency Headquarter

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    Mohakhali DOHS, Dhaka – 1206


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