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Full Service PPC Management Agency

We specialize in managing Google Ads (formerly AdWords), Microsoft Advertising and Social Media campaigns and providing customers with measurable results. We’re proud to work with over 150 businesses across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Bangladesh.

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“Dgency is an excellent and experienced marketing agency to work with. Our management is highly impressed because of their genuine desire to learn about our company, attention to details, competitor analysis, ROI calculation, conversion-centric campaign strategy for ultimate growth. I would highly recommend this company.”

Umma Salma | Executive Director, Mayfair

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PPC Management Services

At Dgency, your bottom line is our top priority. Unlike 90% of account managers (including most agencies), we optimize our clients’ PPC campaigns on a daily basis.


Google Ads PPC Management

As a Google Partner, we take a strategic approach to Google Ads campaign management and deploy required budget and bids intelligently to best reflect your return on ad spend (ROAS) on paid advertising campaigns.

Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Management

We leverage Facebook data to create value for brands with breakthrough creative, targeted social media buying, and data-driven analysis. Our goal is always to make the most of your social media marketing budget and get maximum revenue for your lead generation or ecommerce business.


Our Strategy To Google Ads PPC Management

Experienced digital marketing experts handle day to day Google Ads campaign planning, execution, and optimization with sophisticated high-level automation. Our vast experience with hundreds of different Google Ads accounts has given us the strength to manage profitable pay per click campaigns.

Research & Findings

You talk about your business and competition, we listen carefully and plan accordingly. Our team always take the time to learn about your business, including your business operation, marketing goals, target market, profit margins, and the lifetime value of your customers (LTV).

Competitive Analysis

Dgency team come to the table with a healthy respect for your competitors. We genuinely take the time to learn about your business dynamics and competitive landscape. We use industry-leading internet marketing software and PPC management tools to research, execute, and optimize your online marketing campaigns leveraging competitors SWOT analysis.

Comprehensive Ad Account Audit

The most precious asset available to us is your existing ad accounts data. Our expert PPC team will go through these vast amounts of data in search of industry trends that will lead our campaign strategy. Google Ads management without historical and competitive research is simply not making the advertising investment profitable.

Planning & Campaign Creation

We take all of our complex research data and translate it into a profitable online marketing strategy. With unrivaled attention to details, our proficient marketers will build campaigns that accelerate your revenue and are enabled to grow the business.

Optimize, Expand, Repeat.

When your Google Ads campaign performance data rolls in, we will make improvements and do what is necessary. We are proactive in A/B split testing new ideas and leverage new opportunities for business growth. Every business that comes to us for Google Ads management can see significant improvements in their return on ad spend (ROAS). We make sure their campaigns are thoughtfully and analytically optimized.

Entirely In-House Team of Passionate Digital Marketers

Our dedicated internet marketing experts will bring years of experience to your campaign development and optimization. We believe there is nothing that replaces the knowledge, thoughts, and analysis expert marketers bring to the advertising budget you are spending on ad networks every day.

We know, business owners love ROI, but you’ll love our people even more.

Our PPC Management Secret Sauce

We are pretty sure that dgency is one of the best companies in the world when it comes to Google Ads management. Let us explain why.

Agency / Client Relationship


Our relationships with clients are brutally honest. We understand that all healthy, sustainable, honest relationships are built on mutual trust.

There are many facets of trust. The most obvious one is advertising success. When we are producing outstanding results, you are going to be thankful to us! But what about the early stages of agency-client relationship when we have yet to prove our digital marketing abilities, or if we experience a fall?

In that case, dgency relies on absolute transparency. We will do our best to make sure Google Analytics and conversion tracking are set up correctly. If you need Ecommerce analytics and conversion tracking set up on your online shop, we’ll make sure it works properly. If you need to track incoming phone calls, we will do that too. If it requires to determine the lifetime value of your customers (LTV), we will provide the right insight.

We are not here to make vague promises or lame excuses. Instead, we want to have proactive discussion with you and your management.

360° Statistical Analysis


Any novice PPC user can make necessary assumptions about what performs well and what does not. We take it way further by solving complex online marketing challenges for your particular business. Our marketing experts know what works, why things work, and how it can be replicated.

Our team is loaded with experienced online advertising professionals with well rounded backgrounds in Google Ads, BingAds, Social Media Ads, Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads, Mobile App Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager (GTM), Copywriting, Customer Psychology, Online Traffic Behavior, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and more.

So we love working with various split tests, regression analysis, and pulling marketing data into pivot table. Whenever we find a pattern, we speculate the reason behind of that pattern and run additional tests to justify our hypothesis.

We also put an enormous amount of value on attribution modeling and its’ influence in measuring campaign performance. Our team understands that each business has its’ unique buyer journey, and we are here to come up with an effective PPC strategy that follows the buyer journey over time and convert your website visitors into paying customers.

Creating A Unique Brand Experience


Ultimately, it is real people that are engaging with your advertisements, website, and business. As we all know, real people are very selective about what types of messaging and ads they respond to.

Efficient search, display, video, and social media ads go beyond catching the eye of the target audience. Your 360° online presence tells a story about your business and showcases your value proposition. An effective advertisement will communicate just as much relevant information as the ad copy with its’ imagery and design.

The layout of your websites and landing pages is even more essential. A website should not only be visually attractive and clear in its’ copywriting, but it requires to be optimized to increase conversion rate. When you are spending ad budget on acquiring website traffic, you need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to convert this site visitors into customers/leads.

Our team is filled with awesome designers and online marketing strategists. We have all the necessary softwares and tools to effectively tell your brand story and optimize your website for success. We understand online marketing challenges and know how to solve these obstacles for your business.

Our existing clients are lucky. The dgency founder and our mentor, Shawon Kayum, knows this field extremely well. We are doing great work together.

Determination to Growth


You are looking for a Pay Per Click management agency that will help your online advertising campaigns outperform the competitors on an ongoing, consistent basis. Then we believe we are the best fit for this relationship.

Our marketing strategy focuses on developing a PPC campaign structure that can scale over time. It helps us produce organized campaign data that can be presented with reliability. We work with you closely to grow your business using paid advertising.

We take business growth seriously, and if we are unable to show you clearly why your ad budget is being best spent with us, we do not deserve to be your PPC account management agency. And we are determined to earn your trust and business.

Our PPC Campaign Management Tech

We use industry-leading tools and technologies to help our clients’ get more out of their advertising budgets.

“The Digital Marketing team at Dgency is exactly what I have been looking for. They use quick, effective and professional way to find highly targeted web traffic. These guys have made the process very simple and profitable for us. Just what I needed! We are enjoying working with them. Highly recommended!”

Steve | Private Texas, CEO

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