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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service

We analyze, develop, and optimize your website so that it gets found online by Google search engine users. Our expert SEO service is designed to give you more targeted website visitors and conversions / leads / sales. So when you work with Dgency you surely expect making more money.

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“Dgency is an excellent and experienced marketing agency to work with. Our management is highly impressed because of their genuine desire to learn about our company, attention to details, competitor analysis, ROI calculation, conversion-centric campaign strategy for ultimate growth. I would highly recommend this company.”

Umma Salma | Executive Director, Mayfair

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SEO Service That Works

Dominate Google organic search and increase your conversion rate. Have a look at types of search engine optimization works we do for our clients every day.


Search Engine Optimization Service

If your business isn’t on the top of the search engine result page, it actually doesn’t exist. We help business owners keep their company websites visible and relevant infront of target market through comprehensive search engine optimization to get found on top of the Google search engine result page.

Our SEO experts optimize business websites with a blend of technical SEO expertise, well-crafted content, and high-quality media backlinks to drive targeted organic traffiс.

To succeed at organic search today requires a well-defined SEO strategy, a implementation process and a team effort. At Dgency, we work with you to develop the strategy and execution plan based on your business goals, sales targets, and industry competition.


Our SEO Success Secret Sauce

Successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a combination of technically perfect website development, top-notch content creation, and link building. We do it all.

Custom Website Design

There are over 833 million active sites on the internet – what’s going to make your business stand out? How is your business differentiating? A custom responsive website design will not only help your company stand out, but reinforce the benefits of leveraging search engine algorithms. Our goal is to create a unique visual representation that communicates your business’s value and differentiates your company from the competition. Our strategic web design process creates an effective user experience that search engines like Google appreciates.

Coded For Users & Google

Your company isn’t “one size fits all” and neither is your website. We create custom website frameworks to ensure this powerful marketing tool is fully built to achieve your business goals. We develop an easy-to-use back end pannel to make it simple for your team to have administrative control. Our no-fuss approach to website development creates fast-loading websites that provide your company what it needs to be successful in search engine marketing.

Fully Responsive

When search engines rank responsive websites, creating a seamless user experience on all devices is required for your SEO success. With customers spending more than 15 hours a week searching on their mobile devices, having a website that looks great and functions correctly on every device is a MUST. We build websites that not only provide a smooth user experience across all devices but we also measure performance for all devices.

User Experience

We take consideration of every type of user experience. That user experience is created to make sure the process of acquiring a new website visitor finding the information they need as quickly as possible. Different searchers in different buying cycles have different intents, so we create content just to serve those intents. Our ultimate objective is to make both users and search engines happy while they go through your website.

Speed Optimization

The websites we developed are not only beautiful; they’re quick as a wink. Website loading speed has a high impact on search engine ranking, user experience, conversion rates, and keeping visitors on your website. So we make sure your site loads in 2 seconds or less. Google uses website load time as an important ranking factor, so page loading speed is crucial for your SEO success.

Our SEO Tech

We use industry-leading tools and technologies to help our clients’ get more out of their advertising budgets.

Our Approach to SEO Starts with a Strong Technical Foundation

A million things go into ranking a site in Google search engine– trying to handle them all internally can be a tough job. We’re able to provide result-driven SEO service to our clients because we’ve a systematic process allowing us to be highly productive. That system is broken down into what we call the “4 Phases”.


Industry Analysis 

Your industry data tells a story that we need to understand. We’ve built a proprietary system that pulls important SEO data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console and SEO analysis tools to help us formulate an initial way ahead for your SEO campaign.

Onboarding Questionnaire

You’ve invaluable insight about your business, customers, and competitors that our SEO team needs to understand. We’ve a seamless onboarding questionnaire that helps us understand your business in real quick.

Industry Insight

We use tools like Spyfu, Semrush, Ahrefs and Buzzsumo to monitor websites in your niche and get a clear understanding of what’s working and what’s not. This helps us to craft a working strategy for your SEO campaigns.

Kickoff Meeting

With your feedback, analytics data, and industry insight, we’ve a final meeting to evaluate everything before we formulate the strategy for your organic search engine campaign. While this may seem like time-consuming, we do all of this in the 1st week of our working relationship.

Technical SEO Audit

Google prefers to rank websites that are developed according to their webmaster guidelines. We run an in-depth technical SEO audit to find any issues and present them to you in an easy to understand report. Then, our team of SEO experts will fix all website issues for you.

Website Quality Audit

Google formulates a “quality score” for your site and relies on it for choosing which websites to rank higher. We’ve built a proprietary SEO  audit strategy that assesses the quality of every page on your website and gives a definite action to make it correct.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the foundation of any successful SEO campaign – they prescribe how search engine users will find your business. We organize “main”, “secondary” and “semantic keywords” for every page on your website that we cross-check against the top competitors in your market.

“On page” Improvements

Once keyword research is done, we build an “on page” matrix that directs the exact adjustments to make to key pages on your website. With your feedback, our team of SEO trained content writers will go in and optimize your website contents.

Technical Adjustments

Unlike many other SEO agencies, we don’t just run an audit and give you a list of issues to fix – we’ve the expertise to perform all the improvements for your website. We know you’re busy, so sit back and let Dgency team handle all the arduous work.

Keyword Gap Analysis

The earlier keyword research used for optimizing your current web pages, our keyword gap analysis scrapes the top websites in your target market and informs us their most important keywords. We utilize this keyword data to reverse engineer new pages on your website.

Content Topic Generation

Leveraging the keyword gap analysis data, we assign “user intent” to each of the keywords. Keywords with “top of funnel” intent are used to create content topics to go live on the blog. Our content team develops a full year SEO calendar to streamline content creation for your website.

New Page Creation

The keywords with “bottom of funnel” (buying ) intent are utilized to create new landing pages for your website. Our web development team will create high converting layouts for additional web pages to publish on your website.

Link Building

Our in-house SEO team analyzes your site and competitors to understand the types of websites you need links back. We then create a huge prospecting list of link building targets we’ll contact over the life of your SEO campaign.

Link Outreach

Using proven link outreach tactics, we send hundreds of pitches to relevant websites for inclusion of a link back to your site. We precisely manage many email accounts to make sure pitches are well received.

Manual Content Promotions

Websites like Reddit and Quora are gold mines for organic traffic – they also give a nice “pillowing” tactic to pad your link profile. We manually search to find related threads and write well thought out comments that link back to your website.

Influencer Campaigns

Industry influencers are an essential part of a promotional tactic for almost any business. Dgency team finds, pitches, and contracts with relevant influencers to promote your site and boost visibility.

Entirely In-House Team of SEO Experts

Our passionate Google search engine experts will bring years of experience to your organic SEO success. We believe there is nothing that replaces the knowledge, thoughts, and analysis our SEO professionals bring to your search engine marketing investment.

We know, business owners love ROI, but you’ll love our people even more.

Frequently Asked Questions

We charge onetime fee and an ongoing monthly retainer fee for our SEO serves. That monthly retainer fee is decided based on the number of hours required to work on your site every month. Fees are payable at the inception of every month to retain our agency.

“SEO Results” are relative depending in your objectives and competition. For instance, we’ve a client who operates in the “Pet Food” space, which is arguably one of the most competitive niches on the web. It took us a full year to get them top rankings for their target keywords. For some of our other, smaller clients, results can be seen within 1 to 3 months. For a more detailed analysis, feel free to contact us directly.

We do NOT guarantee results – any SEO agency that does, please proceed at your own risk. The process of search engine optimization is to improve your website to rank higher in Google search engines. Google has an incredibly complex algorithm that changes regularly. Anyone who declares a guarantee against this search engine algorithm is not doing their job responsibly. What we do guarantee is to put your site in the best position possible for search results.

We’ve an incredibly robust SEO service that includes touch points with analysis, content, and link building. Since we do so much, it’s actually easier to tell what’s NOT included in our service. Our standard SEO service consists of a link building strategy, but does NOT include the actual link purchase. While we manage this for almost all of our clients, we do ask for a link acquisition budget to ensure you get high-quality links from authority sites. The same with website content – while we build a complete content strategy with topics, we need an additional budget for writing content for your website. If you’ve a content writers we’ll work directly with them. We’ll manage them and the end to end content process.

“The Digital Marketing team at Dgency is exactly what I have been looking for. They use quick, effective and professional way to find highly targeted web traffic. These guys have made the process very simple and profitable for us. Just what I needed! We are enjoying working with them. Highly recommended!”

Steve | Private Texas, CEO

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