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Comprehensive Website Tracking

Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Data Studio Services

Only 11% of all customer-related advertising decisions are made based on website tracking data. We do better for our clients to take full advantage of Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Data Studio to measure website tracking data to improve digital marketing campaign performance.

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“Shawon helped me to setup and customize my Google Analytics through Google Tag Manager. Also, he built an easy to understand Google Data Studio dashboard. Now we’re able to dig deeper into tracking data to see what’s going on and understand how our customers are using our website. I highly recommend his company to anyone who wants to start using their tracking tools efficiently”

Byron | Owner, RI Riddle Room

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Impeccable Website Tracking Services

At Dgency, We help our clients to maximize their return on ad spend by flawless website tracking implementation and comprehensive reporting dashboard setup. We love making tracking perfect because it ensures our PPC campaigns are profitable through conversion data.


Google Analytics Service

We help data-driven business owners to learn about their customer behavior with a deeper understanding of website / mobile app tracking data. Google Analytics gives us the tools we need to analyze website and mobile app users for businesses in one place.

Google Tag Manager Service

Our digital marketing team never wait days for “your programmer” to make changes to your website tracking code. Google Tag Manager (GTM) made tracking codes / tags management easy. We Dynamically manage all of the marketing tracking tools from one simple interface, GTM.

Facebook Pixel Setup

We install Facebook Pixel code on your website that lets you measure, optimize, and build audiences to make your advertising campaigns profitable. Accurate pixel setup enables us to measure cross-device conversions, retarget website visitors, setup dynamic ads, and much more.

Google Data Studio Service

We help you unlock the power of your advertising data with interactive reporting dashboards that inspire intelligent business decisions. We’ll empower your team with the knowledge of your key metrics by sharing automated data dashboards using Google Data Studio.


How You Can Work Us

We do it for you

You’re already overwhelmed with your business operation. Learning new things and doing it won’t fit into your plan. That’s why we are, so you can focus on what you’re good at & we look after your digital marketing.

We work with your team

In an ideal world, you’d have this technical marketing talent in-house. Many diverse skills are required. We can teach & guide your in-house team & ‘fill in the gaps’ until they’ve learnt sufficient to go it alone.

We guide you & you do it yourself

We know how to teach this. We’ve taught many marketers how to ‘do’ digital marketing.

Our Approach To Better Tracking

Experienced digital marketing experts handle day to day Google Ads campaign planning, execution, and optimization with sophisticated high-level automation. Our vast experience with hundreds of different Google Ads accounts has given us the strength to manage profitable pay per click campaigns.

Comprehensive Tracking Health Check

Get an in-depth analysis of your current tracking setup. Find out if there are any flaws to be fixed and the best functions to be implemented.

Fix Tracking Errors

Inaccurate tracking can adversely impact your reporting and business direction. After the thorough audit, we fix all errors so you don’t make decisions on incorrect or skewed data.

Analysis and Testing

We install tracking tools based on your industry analysis. It’s imperative that we heavily test with your real website users to understand how they really perceive and use your site. Keeping actual users in mind at every phase of our tracking process helps us avoid possible mistakes.

Tracking Implementation

After our thorough analysis, we will explain the issues, propose solutions and implement best methods for your business. You get a tracking roadmap and a complete solution.

Devoted Support Team

By connecting both marketers and developers, we ensure your tracking approach is aligned with your online marketing activities. Dgency team will be there every step of the way to help you get actionable insights from your tracking system.

Why Work With Dgency?

Wondering if you’ve got your tracking system right? Get a health check with our expert team.

Avoid Wasted Ad Spend

If you don’t have your website tracking set up correctly, you’re likely to be wasting ad budget and efforts inefficiently. A top-performing advertising strategy should be trackable and have reliable data to inform your next steps.

Better Remarketing

Retargeting / Remarketing ads on Google and Facebook are extremely powerful online marketing tactics. But, it’s only useful if you have the tracking, pixels & events set up correctly. Ineffective remarketing won’t bring in the revenue you should get!

Cross-Domain Tracking

Do you have multiple businesses on different domains or subdomains that aren’t sharing data with each other? Cross-domain tracking can be overwhelming and complicated. That’s where our lead developer & your PPC manager steps in!

Better Advertising Strategies

In today’s online marketing world, you’ve to be data-driven. That’s why having accurate and clean data is so crucial for developing an effective marketing strategy. Short term efforts for long term profits! Get your Google Analytics and GTM tracking right from the start.

Our Website Tracking Tech Stack

Here are some of the tracking and reporting tools we use to track user behavior and build comprehensive reporting dashboard.

“The Digital Marketing team at Dgency is exactly what I have been looking for. They use quick, effective and professional way to find highly targeted web traffic. These guys have made the process very simple and profitable for us. Just what I needed! We are enjoying working with them. Highly recommended!”

Steve | Private Texas, CEO

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